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WZB Series Automatic Self-priming Pump integrated with vortex self-priming pump, electronic control system and pipes pressure constant system. Man-machine interactive interface can realize visualization operation. The pump controlled by flow sensor, pressure sensor, temperature sensor and electronic control to achieve intelligent controlled pump.


1.The pump designed by low voltage and full load starting (160V is normal working Voltage),which can be used for harsh environment in rural .

2.Using small flow water supply motor fault protection technology, solve the motor heating problems caused by a small flow water effectively , which can protect the motor effectively , improve system reliability and life using.

3.Pass the new product control technology , to restart the pump that not used for long time regularly ,so it solve the problems as following. One is bearing and shaft parts easily jammed for the corrosion , two is motor burning .  

4.Installing a over-current protector in the PBC, effectively solve the motor burn out problem which caused by voltage fluctuation or blocking of the motor's meteoric rise .

5.The system is equipped with a new design of pressure tank device, which with longer using life, high-stabilization, achieve self leaking protection and prolong the using life of the pump


25WZB-600 means the pump's outlet is 25mm and power is 600W


1、General pressure boosting in household.

2、The place of pressurized water supply.

3、Transfer liquid temperature no more than 40℃.

4、The PH of Transfer liquid is 6.5~8.5.

5、The volume of solid impurities in the liquid no more than 0.1%,particle size less than 0.2mm.


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